Ecoriginals Biodegradable Disposable Nappies

Ecoriginals Biodegradable Disposable Nappies

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Designed here in Australia, using the latest biotechnology to make our nappy as eco and affordable as possible without compromising on performance, and making our nappy the safer option for your babys health. 

Key ingredients in the nappy are plant based which have the ability to biodegrade
Free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals (as tested by the CSIRO JUL14)
Our unique leak barrier uses Cardia Compostable film, instead of the normal plastic layer, meaning the nappy is up to 5 times more breathable for bub (less chance of nappy rash)
The wood pulp included in the abosrbant core in our nappy is sustainably farmed
Non-latex leg cuffs used (better for environment)
World leading 100% compostable packaging using Cardia Compostable instead of plastic

There are many layers used to make a nappy. Some of the key ingredients of our nappy are made from plant based materials, and we use a compostable leak barrier inside the nappy rather than the traditional plastic layer used in most nappies. We also use wood pulp sourced from certified sustainable forests. Our nappies are also free from chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals. This makes our nappy much more eco but also more breathable for bubs skin.

Our outer packaging is certified 100% compostable (a world first for a nappy product!) so it will break down easily in land fill

32 nappies per bag